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October 23, Coquitlam, Paint Your Own Cookie Kit

October 23, Coquitlam, Paint Your Own Cookie Kit


Looking for an indoor activity to do with your kids? You can paint your own sugar cookies!

Each kit comes with a sugar cookie to decorate, edible paint palette, and a mini brush. It works just like watercolour paints!

Dip the mini brush into a small amount of water, swirl in the colour, and paint on your cookie. And then enjoy your masterpiece!

*Tips for painting:

-Use a small amount of water

- Swirl the brush in the colour a lot to get a good amount of colour

-Rinse your paint brush when you switch to a different colour

- Let it dry in front of a fan before eating

*Paint palettes are very saturated with food colouring and may stain clothing, skin, and mouth. If you would like to eat your paint palette, you can carefully scrape off the paint dots before eating.

***Pick-Up Only at the Coquitlam Farmers Market***

Order before Thursday


Please note that farmers' market items are made in a home kitchen that is not inspected by a regulated health authority.

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